Look your best and enjoy every minute of your Tailored Shave experience. Whether it’s everyday grooming services such as a trim or a luxurious hot shave, or ‘this is the big day’ moments like getting that tattoo, our hand-picked team makes you feel right at home.

Dougie Jay

James is very professional, gentle and smooth with the razor. A part of me doesn’t want to leave a good review in fear of how fast this place will get busy! Fun staff, live music, clean shave.. whats not to love??!! Highly recommend!

Michael Danks

Just got my hair and beard trimmed and shaped and all i can say is wow staff if super friendly and took pride in the work they do 10/10 will most definitely be back

Jaspal Dhial

Highly recommend this place to anyone who wants the best haircut they’ve ever had! Will be going here forever!

Jeff Lingard

Awesome !!!!!!! Tattoo, straight razor shave, live music…… whenever I’m in town I’ll be hitting you guys up !!!

Arvind Sharma

Soon to be known as THE best barbershop in Kelowna. Having the best barber helps. Congratulations James!

Nicholas Mercier

Only spot anyone should consider for an incredible barbershop experience! This place is a cut above the rest

Jamie Robertson

A proper hair and beard trim is hard to come by these days. James is a first class barber that understands different hair types and can come up with ideas, even for hard to manage hair. I’m thrilled to have found Tailored Shave!