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Meet The Team


Daniela Elena

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Daniela is a post secondary trained stylist with over 7 years experience in the industry, providing executive barbering Including professional business cuts, fresh fades & pampering hot shaves -- she does it all!

"I like to take the time to ask questions and really understand my clients needs, personality & lifestyle to ensure I'm providing the outcome that best suites every unique individual."

If you want great conversation, an eye for detail, and to leave looking & FEELING your best, book with Daniela today -- you'll be happy you did!


Ching Phe

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The mobile @chingthebarber has been cutting all around Saskatchewan and Alberta for the last 8 years and would like to lay some roots down in BC!


Ching specializes in fades, beard shaping and razor work.


Anything men’s grooming related- he’s your guy!

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