Welcome to The Tailored Shave

We know our doors have been closed more than usual lately, but that’s because we’ve got more than pomade up our sleeve. In an epic fashion, The Tailored Shave has embarked on a nationwide talent scouting operation to find you and your hairline the best barber there is. We’re talking an expert craftsman: a Michelangelo of head and facial hair. In other words, a barber so adept in the matters of grooming he makes a Bonsai master look sloppy.

We look forward to seeing you soon & we promise it’ll be worth the wait.

Tailored Shave brings together all the grooming services men want under one roof. By day, it’s one of the finest Kelowna shave shops around. By night, it’s a stage that builds community and talent.

We offer a customized experience for every man. Specializing in the trade with over 18 years experience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Proudly Offering These Services

The finest, natural products. Every grooming service you could possibly want. Industry professionals with outstanding reputations at your chair.